Dr. Néstor Yagüe Martínez


Dr. Néstor Yagüe Martínez is a Senior Radar Scientist at Cloud to Street, where he develops radar-based algorithms for flood mapping and evaluates radar satellite data. He earned a Ph.D. degree in Synthetic Aperure Radar (SAR) Remote Sensing from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and received his Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Valencia, Spain. He has extensive experience in the processing of SAR complex data with a focus on interferometric (InSAR) and correlation techniques. Néstor spent more than ten years at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), where he developed interferometric algorithms for the generation of a global Digital Elevation Model of the Earth (TanDEM-X mission) and the retrieval of geophysical signals from natural hazards (Earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers) with TerraSAR-X. He has also contributed to the definition of the interferometric algorithms for the processing of ESA’s Sentinel-1 data.

Néstor has been published in numerous academic articles.

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